Peer Review Process

Enagram upholds the highest standards of scholarly publishing through a robust peer review process designed to ensure the quality and integrity of published research. Our rigorous and transparent peer review system is a cornerstone of our commitment to facilitating impactful and credible contributions to the academic community. Authors engaging with Enagram can expect a meticulous evaluation process that maintains the excellence and originality of their work while providing constructive feedback to enhance the scholarly merit of their manuscripts


Manuscript Submission

Authors initiate the peer-review process by submitting their manuscripts to Enagram through our user-friendly online submission system.


Editorial Evaluation

Upon manuscript submission, our editorial team conducts an initial assessment to ensure alignment with Enagram's scope and guidelines. Manuscripts meeting these criteria proceed to the peer-review phase.


Assignment to Referees

The manuscript is assigned to three independent referees with expertise in the relevant field. These experts are selected based on their qualifications, experience, and scholarly contributions.


Blind Review Process

Enagram employs a rigorous blind review system where referees evaluate the manuscript without knowledge of the authors' identities. This ensures an unbiased assessment of the research content.


Review and Evaluation

Referees thoroughly review the manuscript, assessing its originality, methodology, significance, and overall quality. Constructive feedback is provided, and recommendations for improvement are communicated to the authors.


Editor's Decision

Based on the referees' reports, the Editor makes an informed decision on the manuscript. This decision can include acceptance, revision, or rejection, with clear feedback provided to the authors.


Author Revision (if applicable)

If revisions are recommended, authors are invited to address the referees' comments and submit a revised version of the manuscript.


Final Decision and Publication

Upon satisfactory revisions, the manuscript is accepted, and the final version undergoes production processes before publication. Enagram is committed to ensuring a timely and constructive peer-review experience for authors, maintaining the integrity and quality of published research.