Article Processing Charge (APC)

At Enagram, our commitment to open access is supported by a transparent and sustainable Article Processing Charge (APC) model. The APC covers essential publication services, publication management, production process, editorial support, and the dissemination of research to a global audience with permanent DOI. We prioritize fair and affordable pricing, ensuring that the APC reflects the value-added services provided to authors. Comprehensive details regarding the APC for each journal can be found on our website, offering authors transparency regarding associated fees.

To facilitate seamless payments, Enagram accepts Article Processing Charges through various convenient methods, including PayPal, bank transfer, and credit card payments via Visa and MasterCard. With PayPal, authors benefit from a secure online payment platform, ensuring swift and secure transactions. Additionally, for those who prefer traditional banking, Enagram provides the necessary details for easy bank transfers. The inclusion of credit card payments offers authors added flexibility, making the payment process accessible and straightforward. Our commitment to providing diverse payment options underscores our dedication to supporting authors throughout the publication journey.

Transparent and Sustainable

Enagram maintains a transparent APC model that covers essential publication services, ensuring a sustainable approach to open access. The APC includes publication management, production processes, editorial support, and global dissemination with permanent DOI.

Fair and Affordable Pricing

The APC is structured to prioritize fair and affordable pricing for authors, reflecting the value-added services provided. Enagram provides comprehensive details on APC for each journal, ensuring transparency regarding associated fees.

Convenient and Diverse Payment Options

Diverse range of payment options, including secure online transactions and traditional banking, underscores Enagram's commitment to supporting authors by making the payment process accessible and straightforward.